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2018-06-21 Thursday
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Jiangsu Casdilly Dress Co., Ltd
Address:No11 Hengda Road, Nanjing City, China

  To Create Chinese luxury men’s wear brand

The dream comes true

To create a Chinese luxury menswear brand is the dream of the chairman of Casdilly for years. She insists on that honest is the best policy, and devotes herself to create Grade-A costume group-purchasing brand.

Casdilly successfully undertook the design and manufacturing for the government and CAPF. Especially in the 60th anniversary of National Day, we were entrusted to take the task of research and development of ceremonial dresses for National Flag Guard and Armed Police. Accordingly, Casdilly opens up a promising space that private enterprise receives an assignment of production of ceremonial dress.

RIVERA, whose has many Made to measure Experience Museums spread all over the Europe, most notably Switzerland, Milan and Italy, fully satisfy those sprits' need ,who pay attention to taste.

We adopt advanced marketing concept: Made to Measure. RIVERA, divided into 4 versions including enjoyable, classic, honorable and standard, make well-fitting garments for individuals according to their different physical characteristics.

The style of RIVERA is mainly dividing into formal wear, casual clothes and ceremonial dress so as to meet the customers' needs to attend different situations.

RIVERA aim at the silent-elegant garments corresponding to the success man's rank, specialty and individual requirements, which will break up the Chinese menswear's tradition, force out the international monopolizing market, and fill in the blank that China hasn't its true luxury menswear brand.

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